Monday, December 12, 2011

Differing Perspectives

To me, the most important thing in life is acceptance of others. I love learning about other cultures, differing viewpoints, and sharing empathy with another human being. Of course, there are times when I do not agree with others' opinions. Part of my passion about being accepting is respecting other people's views. I can understand without agreeing. Life would be boring and pointless if we all had the same experiences, thoughts, and perspectives. (:
I am a stubborn and argumentative person. I believe that two people can have a heated debate about controversial topics and still be intelligent and respectful. I do not shy away from such arguments if it's something I'm passionate about. (Two things I am passionate about are LGBTQ rights and immigration. Basically anything that has to do with equality and acceptance of human beings could be added to this list.)
Sometimes I get angry about others' opinions. Sometimes I get sad. But I understand that being passionate about things is a beautiful part of life, and it fulfills me.
Love yourself, love others.


  1. Just for fun, here are some other things I am passionate about (not necessarily as serious or controversial as the first two):
    -abortion - anti, except under certain circumstances/situations
    -good food - anti diets. dieting sounds like a horrible way of life. call me gluttonous, but I'd rather have a short and delicious life than a long and deprived one.
    -I generally think that getting married before age 24ish is foolish. (The frontal lobe - the part of the brain that deals with decision making - is not even fully developed until around age 25.) Exception to the rule: marriage is about family; if a couple gets pregnant it may be in the child's best interest for the parents to marry. Also, I understand that many people would rather marry young than have premarital sex. I understand (other reasons) why people choose to get married young. It's just not for me. (:
    -I am super passionate about learning. A lack of using one's brain = a lack of living. (Learning is anything from organic chemistry to politics to relationships to patience etc etc.)

    I may add more to this list later. Questions? Arguments? Comment! (:

  2. Another one! The creation of new life is beautiful no matter what. People who act like the world is ending when teenagers get pregnant should get a grip. I was not a planned baby even though my parents were married at the time of conception. Conception is miraculous and also not often planned. There are some people out there who are unable to reproduce. (This could probably be worded much better which I apologize for.)

  3. One of my professors had a saying that went something like this. "The signs of an educated man is that he can entertain a thought without accepting it." I wholeheartedly agree with it! You should learn to tolerate others and it hurts me to see all these hate-crimes. :(

    Gonna have to semi-disagree with your teenage pregnancy. I do kind of have this 'old-fashioned' thinking. I understand if you're married that sometimes it happens, but a lot of times those teenagers choose to give up their kids and I feel you should be responsible for what you're doing-I totally disagree with abortion (unless it's cases like rape, etc.) because those kids should've known what they were doing! (I hope that all came out right)

  4. I look forward to having 'intelligent debates', and to see what you have to say!

  5. Awesome!
    Just to clarify, do you think it is good or bad that teenagers choose to place their children for adoption?

  6.'s hard. It's better for the kids to be in a home with a loving family (even if it's just one parent), and if that parent (teenager or not) can be responsible, great! Plus, it can be so hard to adopt a child-so much money and time spent just waiting to adopt.