Monday, December 12, 2011

Differing Perspectives

To me, the most important thing in life is acceptance of others. I love learning about other cultures, differing viewpoints, and sharing empathy with another human being. Of course, there are times when I do not agree with others' opinions. Part of my passion about being accepting is respecting other people's views. I can understand without agreeing. Life would be boring and pointless if we all had the same experiences, thoughts, and perspectives. (:
I am a stubborn and argumentative person. I believe that two people can have a heated debate about controversial topics and still be intelligent and respectful. I do not shy away from such arguments if it's something I'm passionate about. (Two things I am passionate about are LGBTQ rights and immigration. Basically anything that has to do with equality and acceptance of human beings could be added to this list.)
Sometimes I get angry about others' opinions. Sometimes I get sad. But I understand that being passionate about things is a beautiful part of life, and it fulfills me.
Love yourself, love others.