Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year

2012 has been a great year! I want to take a few moments to look back at it. Here are some things I experienced this year:

  • In spring semester, two classes (Psychology as a Science and Profession, and LGBT Studies) influenced me to change my direction with school and my career. I decided that going all the way for a Ph.D. in Pyschology might not be the best plan for me. I may end up doing that, but right now I'm just focusing on a Bachelor's of Psychology AND a Bachelor's in Gender Studies. I might go for a Master's after that, but I'm taking it one step at a time. I am SO excited to study gender studies; I know it's a great fit for me.
  • Allan and I celebrated our first-year anniversary this year! We had a rough patch at the beginning of the year, lived through him going to the hospital which strengthened our bond, yelled at each other for the first time (for only two minutes, and promptly apologized), had a great anniversary celebration, talked about our future, and became best friends. I love you, Allan, you're one of the best parts of my year. (:
  • Some exciting changes happened for some of my friends this year. Emilee, Robbie, and Adrienne moved to California and have their own place and are creating their family within military life. Matt and Aleesha got married! Otto and Alicia got engaged. Santi and Mandy had their first baby, Mathias. Harrison went on his mission. It's been so cool to witness these changes.
  • I, unfortunately, have lost touch with a few (aka most) of my friends this year. But I have also grown closer to new friends, specifically Steven and Sydney. And, even though Emilee moved, we actually talk more than we used to. (: I've also gotten to know some of Allan's friends.
  • This bullet is for something that changed this year that I don't want to tell the world about. It has given me a peace of mind and freedom, and it has been a good change.
  • I turned 19, tried hookah for the first time (with my super cool aunt Michelle!) and didn't really like it.
  • I voted for the first time! This year I got to witness an openly gay senator be elected, an ally President get re-elected, and many states legalize same-sex marriage, among other triumphs! (: It has been a beautiful year in the fight for equality!
  • This year I worked at Chick-fil-A (don't want to talk about it), worked for the second summer at OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center - super awesome job that I love! - and then started working at DesignerLines which has had its pros and cons but right now I like it. I am so grateful that I've had these great opportunities. (:
  • I started stretching my ears (again) and Allan and I are at 4g right now! It's been fun to do it with him. I also got a second piercing on my right earlobe, so yeah I'm pretty badass.
  • I got to watch my sister Cassie turn seventeen, finally get her driver's license, start her senior year, and get voted as an S.B.O.! She also started a very healthy relationship with this semi-cool Kris Kringle-look alike (aka Steven). We (Steven and I) have gotten in a few arguments this year... but are still friends. (:
  • I got to watch my brother Daniel turn fifteen, get his permit (I may or may not have taken him driving for his first time! :O ), start high school at NUAMES (an early college school for smart/motivated kids), and grow into a more social and healthier young man. (:
  • My dad dealt with a lot of changes at work this year, which resulted in him going to D.C. for five days every month. My mom worked part time for a while, was restless, found two new part-time jobs, and I think is still finding her niche. My parents have been great this year and I am very grateful for them. (:
  • I volunteered during the summer at the Utah Pride Center, which was so cool. I also volunteered a bit at a senior center for one of my classes and it was a good experience.
  • This year, I experienced the best class of my life, Social Health and Diversity. It opened my eyes to the different groups of people that are oppressed, and what can be done to fight for social justice and equality. From it I have a strengthened passion for equality, social justice, community, unity, and love. Ugh, I can't even describe the beautiful change my soul went through because of this class. (:
  • Lately I feel like my soul has taken a little bit of a break from growing, comparatively. Maybe it's just part of being older. I feel like I know and love myself, I know what I want in life (kinda), and I am relatively mature when it comes to communication and emotion. But learning and growing is my purpose and fulfillment in life, so I know this stagnation won't last long. I feel pretty comfortable with my life, which makes me uneasy! I think I feel more alive when I'm hurting and changing and learning and growing. I'm not always a huge fan of change, but I guess what I'm saying is that I hope next year brings more growth and learning.

I am looking forward to a new year of experiences! Here are some resolutions I have for 2013:
  • I resolve to not get married and not get pregnant this year.
  • I resolve to graduate from Salt Lake Community College with my Associates in Sociology, then move on to the University of Utah to pursue bachelor's degrees in Gender Studies and Psychology.
  • I resolve to continue learning how to communicate with and love people, especially my family, friends, and boyfriend.
  • I resolve to expand my mind, build neuron connections, break down walls and assumptions, and learn about the world around me.
  • I resolve to continue to grow and learn about myself.
  • I resolve to continue learning espaƱol!
  • I resolve to continue to fight for equality (specifically for LGBTQAQA people) and learn about oppression and how we can fix it.
This has been such a long post. Even though I write these firstly for myself, thank you so much for reading them. (: