Sunday, February 19, 2012

Body Image

I am sick of the media telling me how I should look in order to feel beautiful.

I also hear people say that eating right and exercising should be done - yes, to have a nice and healthy body - but moreso to make you feel good. I fully believe in that, but I also know that sitting on a couch watching a comedy or eating a Chocolate Volcano from Thai Foon also makes me feel good!
I have disproportionately thick legs (which my boyfriend loves) and I don't have a flat stomache, but I have nice curves and frankly, I think I'm sexy. My stretch marks remind me of a gallant zebra. I think I'm beautiful, and that's all that matters.

I realize that not being in the habit of exercising will probably come back to haunt me as I grow older. I may be naive. But I am comfortable with my lifestyle and comfortable in my own skin.

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