Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Thought About Socialism

I recently read this little story about socialism on facebook: Socialism is far from a perfect idea, but I just don't think it's as awful as some people think. And I feel pretty alone in this opinion.

Let's say I was in a class that graded on a socialistic curve. Let's say I worked hard and came to every class. My classmate missed classes and seemed stressed. If I got a B instead of an A, and that classmate got a C instead of a D because of the socialistic curve, I would be okay with it. I would actually like it. Who cares if I get a B. It's still a good grade, it's still passing. But what if that classmate needed a C to get credit for a required class. What if that classmate was extremely busy and less privileged than I? I am privileged. I get As and Bs easily. But some people have different backgrounds and greater stress in their lives. They may be ESL students, single parents, sole breadwinners, caretakers, disabled, etc. What if, by not passing that class, the classmate had to retake it, spend thousands of dollars, waste time, and have stress? What if passing that class allowed that person to graduate, get a better job, and generate income to provide for hir family. What if that classmate graduated and made money to feed the mouth of my future son- or daughter-in-law?

I just don't think the world is so black and white. We do not have the same situations, opportunities, or privileges. But we all contribute to this world. And I want to help others contribute in the best way they can.

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