Friday, April 20, 2012


Is it possible to love fully without expecting anything in return? (unconditional love?) Is is possible to love fully without receiving anything in return?

How can one work on treating others perfectly? How can one learn to ignore one's own emotions and consistently show love and respect to others? How can we show love when the people we love make us mad?

Being a good friend and having good relationships are some of the most difficult things in life. They are also the most important and most rewarding.

Humans are not perfect. And sometimes we don't treat each other perfectly. And it sucks. It really sucks. As much as we try to treat others perfectly, we fail. I guess that's why forgiveness is so important in relationships. 

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  1. Christen, I LOVE your posts!!! I love your perspective on life, because HOLY CRAP there is no one like you out there (that I have met). You have an incredibly refreshing perspective on life. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  2. aw, thank you, Cassie! that means a lot to me (: